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Über die Stiftung


The activity of Museum of Motorization Foundation is based not only on Classic Moto Show Kraków exhibition, but, primarily, on the objectives , which are the exhibition’s starting point:

– protection of cultural goods and technique monuments, in particular within the scope of the automotive industry,
– support for activities related to technical works restoration, including vehicles with essential meaning for automotive industry development,
– efforts to popularize technique monuments collections and their development,
– promotion of knowledge about history of technique and automotive industry,
– support for all initiatives aimed at the protection of cultural property, in particular technique monuments,
– organization of shows, exhibitions, fairs and meetings related to the history of technique, including the presentation of preserved monuments.

The Foundation is prepared to support any scientific and educational institutions being active in the subject of technique history and taking actions involving the objectives mentioned above. As a part of improving our work and experience we also try to cooperate with organizations of central and local government, non-governmental organizations and all institutions working for the protection of Polish national heritage, including the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the National Centre for Culture or National Heritage Board of Poland.

We gladly undertake the cooperation based on volunteers engagement, mostly as a part of Classic Moto Show exhibition in Kraków.

Museum of Motorization Foundation has also initiated a social campaign titled “One plate for the collection”, the aim of which is to convince legislators of the need of making changes in the regulations regarding historical vehicles registration. The goal is to be accomplished by deepening social knowledge about applicable legal regulations and solutions that are possible to implement.

Museum of Motorization Foundation, as non-governmental organization, by realizing its statutory objectives, tries to promote collecting and technique monuments restoration – as being of a great value for Polish national heritage – as well as to present the monuments being held within Polish collections. We try to uphold the memory and awareness of the importance of preserving this heritage, so we can avoid situations when many technically and culturally valuable vehicles becomes forgotten, succumbing to neglect and destruction.

Let us not forget, that our concern and active involvement in technique monuments protection, will let to preserve for future generations not only the vehicles, but also the part of history and culture that they represent.

Rafał Pliszka
Museum of Motorization Foundation Director,